9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden’s family has spoken for the first time about the chilling night of May 11, 2011, when the terror chief was shot by the heroic US Navy SEAL. The man’s fourth wife, Amal, said that the family was hiding in a safe house in Pakistan with bin Laden for six years and revealed that the world’s most wanted man was asleep when the Americans barged in.

Reportedly, the two American Black Hawk helicopters had descended on the property when it was all dark.

Amal confirmed that the streets were dark that night due to an electricity issue and the family woke up terrified after they heard the sound of the aircraft.

It was a moonless night and difficult to see.

Amal recalled that she heard “chop chop chop” and “shadows passing across the windows”. She remembered that bin Laden sat up saying “Americans are coming”.

There was a loud screeching sound outside that shook the house. She said fear took over Bin Laden’s face who asked his family to go downstairs since “They want me, not you.”

She, however, insisted on staying with her husband and their youngest son, Hussein. It was in those terrifying moments that she realised that the location of the house was shared by one of their loyalists. The couple heard the Navy SEAL kill one of Osama’s sons Khalid and scuffle with his daughters Sumaiya and Miriam on their way upstairs.


It was clear, the safe house had turned into a death trap.

Amal’s recollection of the night suggests that bin Laden had no backup plan for an assault of this kind “aside from some euros sewn into her husband’s underwear along with emergency numbers for his deputies in Waziristan”.

She claimed that when the Navy SEAL barged their way into the room, she rushed to stop them. But her attempt failed after being shot in the leg which. She passed out almost immediately. When she regained her conscious back, bin Laden was already dead. SEALS had put bullets in the vile terrorist.

Hussein, who had witnessed his father’s death, sat there, shivering and completely taken aback.

Amal too was terrified. In order to guard herself, the woman played dead, listening to the men hold bin Laden’s daughters and second wife Khairiah next to his body to confirm his identity.

And in that moment, when Amal lay motionless as the men took his husband’s dead body away, she realised,

The end they had never dared to discuss had come and gone in minutes.

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