This Chinese Restaurant Offers Discounts to Women With Large Chests

It is often hard to understand the obsession men have towards women with large breasts. Regardless of how attractive they look, boobs are at the end of the day just a body part and nothing more than that.

There are numerous irritating things happening all across the globe but based on what you are about to read, this has got to top your list of bizarre happenings.

Trendy Shrimp, a seafood restaurant in Hangzhou, Zhejiang in China, was little known before it announced to give women discounts based on the size of their breast. The news has not been received well by feminists across the globe.


The staff at the restaurant has mentioned that the deal has brought in good business for the restaurant already and it is expected that it would keep doing so despite the fact that not everybody was excited about this offer.

The discount structure introduced by the restaurant is not hard to understand. While women with an A cup bra have to pay the most, those with G cups situated at the other end of the ladder have to pay minimal charges.


The package has been marked to be extremely disgraceful by activists across the world. Not only is the deal very discriminatory against women with small breasts, but is also really sexist considering the main idea is that a woman’s breasts are all that matters.

The restaurant was seemingly looking for more trouble when it decided to promote the offer by showing a series of cartoon women. The women illustrated the breast size and came with a caption reading “The whole city wants Breasts.


While the whole world has been ablaze with criticism of the move! Women with F and G cup bras have hailed the move. They have had to suffer a lot when it comes to wearing bras and it is good to get a favour once in a while.

After seeing this promotional move by the restaurant, one cannot help but think about all the celebs that can really benefit from this deal. Like those big breasts might as well come handy at some time. Here we have some celebrities set to benefit from the deal.

There is something about Sofia Vergara’s breasts that makes them look out of this world. How can someone born in this world have such beautiful perky breasts? She can definitely rip this Chinese restaurant out of business by availing the discount.

Although she is mostly known for her attractive backside, Kim Kardashian does not lack a lot when it comes to her front side. She has attractive breasts that like good wine have bettered over her ageing process. She may be planning to make a trip down east to China!

Christina Hendricks can challenge the bustiest women when it comes to breast size. Not only are her breasts gigantic, but they are also well maintained by the prodigy. People love her figure and would love for her to get a discount in China.

Although Holly Madison can thank Playboy for bringing her to the top, it is her busty figure that has kept people talking about her. Her breasts fit really well on her body and can land her a good discount if she pays a visit to China.

Kate Upton might not have the most outrageously overwhelming boobs in tinsel town, but if there is anyone that can ask for a discount based on how good the boobs look on her body, it would be Kate Upton. Just give her the damned discount!

Heidi Montag has been called out on numerous occasions for her fake breasts, but regardless of whether they are fake or real, they really are big and that is what matters now. Heidi hasn’t enjoyed much success in her career but can enjoy this discount from China.

Although Scarlett Johansson comes in the D category, she can ask the restaurant for a bigger discount for all that she can offer due to her overall body shape. She along with Kate Upton make this list just based on how good their breasts look on their body.

Kelly Brook isn’t really known for anything besides her gigantic bra size. Although she isn’t the best-known figure around, she has seriously a lot to be proud of because of her breasts. She ought to go to China on the next outbound flight.

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