Chinese Scientist develops Fire and Water Proof Paper


Zhu Yingjie, a researcher from the institute, and his team developed a set of methods to produce paper with a new material, hydroxyapatite, the inorganic constituent of tooth enamel and bone.[adfunction]

The paper resists water even when its surface is physically damaged, and is unstained by liquids such as coffee and tea. It is also able to withstand heat up to 200 degrees Celsius, making it fire-resistant.

Zhu stated,

Traditionally, paper is made of plant fibers, which are easily destroyed by liquid. Previous research attempts to produce waterproof paper found it was difficult to achieve fire retardancy and water repellency at the same time

The paper is said to cost a “few yuan”(1 yuan= about 10 rupees) more than the production cost of an equivalent A4 sized piece of paper, but the price might be reduced if it is mass manufactured.[adfunction]


Here’s hoping to see it show up in stores in the years to come.

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