It is Christmas craze and Women decorate this to look like REINDEER

Ugly Christmas sweaters might be considered one of the tackiest trends of the holiday season, but this twist on the classic is sure to take the crown.

As the Christmas season ramps up, thousands of people are readying their best ‘ugly’ sweaters to sport out to parties – and that includes ones with strategic cut-outs.

A number of very crafty Instagram users have been hopping on the ‘reindeer boob’ holiday trend, dSome of the costumes feature a perfect breast-sized hole snipped out of the front of the sweater, while others just pull down a stretchy top on one side to leave the breast exposed.

Tinsel is used around the edge of the cut-outs to give the appearance of a curious deer poking its head out.

Googly eyes felt antlers and a big, sparkly red pom-pom ball are used to complete the look.
Ladies participating in the trend have been posting the results proudly to Instagram, tagging it with the hashtag #rudolphboob.

‘Rudolph’ can be exposed in a number of ways but the easiest seems to be with an over the shoulder top or by cutting a hole in a Christmas knit.

Online retailer Etsy is even selling a top with a hole already cut out around the bust, which is perfect for those fearless enough to rock the look.

Pre-made versions are sold on Etsy by Salt Lake-based retailer YourSassyGrandma, including a red sweater with a green tinsel-surrounded cut-out.

The item description reads:

If you want to stand out at your Ugly Sweater Party, then this SEXY reindeer ugly Christmas sweater is for you!

Each one of the costumes comes with an up-cycled sweater with eyes and nose prepared with a one-time wear adhesive.

Unfortunately for fans of the design, the sweaters have already completely sold out – though there are men’s versions on offer still for $50 a pop.

Indeed, ladies aren’t the only ones having a go at the trend, with a number of men simply cutting out a hole in a sweater and sticking a pair of felt antlers and googly eyes to make their own reindeer, leaving the exposed nipple in place of a nose.

For the YourSassyGrandma version, the product details instruct ‘the more hair you have on your chest the better, it will make your reindeer look even furrier!’

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