Who is Commander in tweet? President Trump doesn’t even make the list.

Barack Obama has ‘most liked’ Twitter post of 2017 – while President Trump doesn’t even make the list.

While Barack Obama has been out of the White House for a little less than a year, he’s still commander in chief of the tweet.

According to lists released by Twitter on Tuesday, the 44th President of the United States had the most liked tweet in 2017.

His most ‘liked’ post was in response to the Charlottesville white supremacist marches this summer and includes a picture of him interacting with a group of kids of different races.

It includes a Nelson Mandela quote white reads: ‘No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion.’

Obama also had three of the top 9 most retweeted tweets of 2017, while his successor didn’t crack either list.

In fact, social media maven Trump didn’t even come close.

His most liked tweet of 2017 was a diss of North Korean president Kim Jong-un, which got 617,132 likes last month. Obama’s most liked photo had more than 4million. Trump’s most retweeted tweet, a video edited to look like he was beating up ‘CNN’, got 363,477 retweets, while Obama’s most retweeted tweet was shared more than 1.7million times.


1. Former President Barack Obama issued this tweet in response to the violent clashes between white supremacists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia in August.

2. This was singer Ariana Grande’s first tweet after the bombing at her concert in Manchester in May. She later held a benefit to raise money for the injured survivors and victims’ families.

3. Obama issued this tweet after learning that his former rival for the White House, Sen. John McCain, had been diagnosed with a highly malignant form of brain cancer.

4. Obama got a laugh when he made a Joe Biden meme of his own to mark his VP’s birthday last month.

5. Shortly after leaving office, Obama started tweeting from his personal account again, instead of the official account reserved for the sitting president. Twitter users were happy to see him back on social media.


1. The most retweeted tweet of 2017 was by Nevada man Carter Wilkerson, who begged people to retweet him so that he could get a year’s worth of free chicken nuggets from Wendy’s. He fell short of the 18 million bar set by the fast-food chain, but Wendy’s gave Wilkerson the nuggets anyway for the effort.

2. Former President Obama’s most liked tweet of 2017 was also one of the most retweeted.

3. Many of the most retweeted tweets of the year were for charity efforts. This one, from the Penn State University Intra-Fraternity Council, pledged to donate 15 cents to Houston flood relief for every retweet.

4. Ariana Grande’s tweet after the Manchester bombing was one of the most liked AND most retweeted tweets of the year.

5. One of President Obama’s last tweets in office made both the most liked and most retweeted lists.


Most liked:

President Trump’s response to a dig from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was both his most liked and most retweeted tweet this year.

Most retweeted:

President Trump’s July tweet bashing CNN was his most retweeted tweet of the year. But at the rate the president tweets, it might not hold that position by New Year’s Eve.

Most Tweeted about elected world leaders:

1. @RealDonaldTrump

2. @narendramodi

3. @NicolasMaduro

4. @RT_Erdogan

5. @EmmanuelMacron

6. @EPN

7. @mauriciomacri

8. @theresa_may

9. @JuanManSantos

10. @jokowi

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