“Tired of her, catch me and hang me :),” read the message 22-year-old Siddhant Ganore allegedly wrote in his mother’s blood after killing her, according to this Times of India report.

The wife of a police inspector was found dead at their Vakola residence in suburban Santa Cruz in Mumbai today.

The incident took place on Tuesday night in Prabhat Colony and the victim has been identified as Deepali Ganore.

She was the wife of police inspector Dnyaneshwar Ganore, who was part of the team probing the sensational Sheena Bora murder case.
According to the report, Siddhant had been having a rough patch with his mother, Deepali, given to his lack of interest in studies and the inability to fetch good marks.

He may have stabbed her in the neck in a fit of rage on Tuesday night, said a source.

“She has four to five stab injuries,” said a police officer who inspected the body.

Siddhant’s father, Dyaneshwar Ganore, who is a police inspector in Mumbai, apprised the police about his wife’s brutal murder at 3 am.
He told the police that he had arrived at his house hours earlier and had been waiting for his wife and son, to whom his calls weren’t going through, to return home from what he assumed a movie outing.

However, after waiting for three hours outside his flat, he realised that the keys to the house were lying near the shoe rack kept outside.

It was at 2 am that he opened the door. Thereafter, he found his stabbed wife lying in their bedroom and the message scribbled beside her body.

He subsequently dialled 100 and the Vakola police station dispatched a team. Deepali was taken to the Cooper Hospital where she was declared dead on arrival.

The police said Ganore’s son, who is missing since last night, appears to be the prime suspect in the case. His mobile phone was recovered from the house.

The woman was allegedly first murdered by her son who slit her throat. The son then used the blood of her mother to script a message on the floor of the room.

“I am tired of her. Catch and hang me,” his note said.

Sources in Mumbai police said that Ganore’s son Siddhant was very intelligent student. He scored over 90 per cent in his boards exams. However, lately he was not so interested in studies and his mother used to poke him regularly for that. The son did not even have friends in the locality. He was also not given permission to use Facebook and WhatsApp.


Police have arrested the 21-year-old son of the inspector who probed Sheena Bora murder for killing his mother.

He was arrested in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur and confessed murdering his mother Deepali Ganore.

Speaking to CNN-News18, the accused said there were a lot of problems between him and his mother which led to a lot of fights between them. This was causing a lot of stress. He said they had a fight on Sunday during which he lost control and killed her.

After committing the murder he fled to Jodhpur. He was found in a hotel by Jodhpur Police after getting a tip off from the Mumbai Police.


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