Which countries watch the most PORN?


10. Brazil

In 10th place on the list of the countries that watched the most porn in 2016 is Brazil. Although they’re obviously still in the top 10, they did drop one spot from 2015 to 2016. As for what they’re watching, Brazilians are enjoying anal and the search term “overwatch,” which is porn inspired by a video game of the same name.


9. Italy

Just like Brazil, Italy has dropped one spot on the list since 2015, putting them in ninth place, which still isn’t too shabby. Italians, like many European countries, prefer to watch their fellow Italians get it on, at least this seems to be the case based on their most popular searches. They’re also into MILFs and porn star Valentina Nappi.

8. Australia

Similar to the other English-speaking countries that Pornhub studied, Australians have an affinity for lesbian porn and Kim Kardashian.


7. Germany

This is actually the first time since 2013 that Germany hasn’t been in the top five countries in regards to porn consumption — what’s going on over there, people? While they’re not watching as much porn as they did in 2015, what they did watch in 2016 was a lot anal and German model and reality TV star Gina Lisa Lohfink.


6. France

Holding steady in sixth place is France. The French like their porn to be, well, French, with their top three searches of 2016 being: “French,” “francaise,” and “maman francaise,” which translates to “French mother.” Honestly, I’m surprised not to see “fromage” in there.


5. Japan

If there were medals for countries in regards to how much porn they watch, it would go to Japan. Granted, they’re not number one on the list or anything too fancy, but Japan jumped seven spots from 2015 to 2016 — the biggest jump on the top 20 list — and now they’re sitting pretty in the fifth place. Their top seven search terms for 2016 were, in descending order: “Japanese,” “Japanese teen,” “Japanese amateur,” “Japanese wife,” and “Japan.” Of their top 12 search terms for this past year, only two didn’t include the word “Japan” or “Japanese.”


4. India

In fourth place and down one from third place in 2015, is India. India, like France and Japan, also keep things pretty local in regards to search terms. The word “Indian” appears in all their top search terms, except for two, and the most watched porn actress in India is SunnyLeone, a former Canadian porn star of Indian descent.


3. Canada

Oh, Canada! with it’s ultra progressive Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the helm, jumped one spot from fourth place to third place in the last year, putting it in the coveted top three — or at least I think the top three are coveted. As for what those darlings are watching, there’s a lot of lesbian and MILF porn of which Canadians can’t seem to get enough.


2. United Kingdom

Once again the United Kingdom comes in at second place on the list, which is great, because who doesn’t love a little consistency in their life? Those who are watching all this porn across the pond are on the same page as Canada, with lesbian and MILF porn being among the favorites.

1. United States

As always, some little country in the western hemisphere that calls itself the United States of America is first on the list when it comes to countries that watch the most porn. According to Pornhub’s report, the U.S. is responsible for 40 percent of the visits on their site, because of course it is. I mean, we like our porn and we are NOT ashamed of it. Although the U.S. loves their lesbian and MILF porn like their fellow English-speaking countries, as far as the top searched term in 2016 goes, that honor belongs to “step mom.” As for most watched porn stars, Kim Kardashian comes in first place once again.


What will Pornhub’s 2017 Year in Review brings us next January? Only time will tell. But, if I were a betting woman (and I am), I’d bet that the U.S. will still be in first place. Not just because we like to be on top (pun intended), but based on the effect the presidential election had on our porn habits, something tells me the transition to come in the next several months will have us all running to our computer, even more than usual, to find sweet relief from stress with an orgasm — or five.

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