Dad Pranks His Son At School The Most Embarrassing Way Possible

A video of 15 years old boy’s father pranks his son by showing up to school on the last day wearing only a speedo.

Justin Beadles son, Jack, had his last day of junior high recently, so to make it very memorable, Justin decided to pull a super embarrassing prank on his kid.

Father Justin Beadles is seen running manically toward his son Jack’s high school in Stillwater, Oklahoma, in a video with over 25million views since it was posted on Tuesday.

Wearing a speedo, cap on his head and medals hanging around his neck, Justin was seen running barefoot screaming his son’s name Jack while his wife shoot the video. Yes his dad decided to look like Micheal Phelps.

Watch the video below:

“I was just like half embarrassed, half thinking I was going to run away,” Jack said.

Jack was shocked but he said this was typical behavior for his dad.

“This isn’t the first dumb thing I’ve ever done,” Beadles told News 9.

“My dad, he was the guy who always said, ‘Make a memory every day.’ And since he has been gone, I’ve particularly tried to do that,” Beadles said.

Jack was a great sport and his attitude is really inspiring. Jack posted the video first then he gave the permission to post the video to Justin.

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