Dad Trolls His Daughter Recreating Her Instagram Photos And Goes Viral


Chris Burr Martin, a radio host, and comedian from Spokane, Washington, decided to mock his daughter Cassie on Instagram by posting his selfies mimicking her most risqué snaps.

According to Chris, his original reasons for posting the selfies were to try and draw Cassie’s attention to the fact that some of her photos were a little too ‘racy’ in nature, also he wanted to let the world know that Cassie’s dad was watching (to try and eliminate some of the perversions).

What Chris did not expect, however, is just how viral the images would go and before long he had more than double the Instagram followers his daughter Cassie had. To give you an indication of just how viral things got, Chris originally had only 49 Instagram followers, which today is standing at over 152k followers.

By now I am sure you are all dying to see some of the images/postings which caused all the hype, so without further ado, below are some of the best uploads taken directly from Chris’s Instagram account.











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