David Beckham And James Corden’s Bond audition Is Damn Hilarious

There’s a new James Bond in town—or two.

It wouldn’t be a visit to The Late Late Show without a little competition and there was a bit in store for David Beckham when he visited Thursday. He and host James Corden were put to the test in an audition for the newest installment of the classic franchise, though it seemed the soccer player had the upper hand from the start.

“You know this is an audition for James Bond, right? It’s not an underwear commercial.”Corden asked his competitor.

“I’d say that’s pretty obvious,” Beckham quipped while looking at the host. Game on!

“It’s a little bit weird that he’s here,” Beckham later tells the woman in charge of the audition.

Beckham makes it difficult for Corden, putting the wrong suit in his room and showing up during his seduction scene, prompting the actress involved to say, “I want to sleep with him,” pointing to Beckham.

Corden retaliates with some of his own subversive moves, including dressing in drag and breaking out his Sean Connery impression.

“At least I don’t sound like a girl,” he tells Beckham. “At least I don’t look like Shrek,” Beckham retorts, prompting a slapping fight between the athlete and comedian.

When they’re both told they’re too unprofessional for the role, they come up with a super solution.

Watch the video here:

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