Delhi Man Dies After Jerking Off More Than 100 Times To The “Winking” Girl Video

India recently had many absurd trends like a man falling in a pit, and a boy sniffing whitener and also the Zakir Khan ‘sakth launda’ (Strong Guy) trend which was basically an excuse for all single men to be single.


However ironically all these “Sakhth Laundas” (Strong Guy)  have turned “Naram Laundas” (Weak Guy) after a video surfaced of a girl winking.

Check out the part:

As seen below the video of the girl named “Priya” winking has gone viral and left all guys of India wanking.

Indian men can literally get off at anything. The girl also gained 600K followers in a day which proves that anything can happen in a blink of an eye literally.

Well the saying goes true in this case that “A look can Kill if you masturbate enough.”

Recent reports state that one man Vidit Arora has actually passed away due to jerking of 690 times to that video in a day.

Indians have the power to make anything into a trend. For all their “sakth launda” shenanigans they are only left with “sakth laudas”. Wow literally we can say now that your world can change at a blink of an eye.

Here is the full Video of the song:


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