This Doctor Who Makes Pregnant Women Dance Before Childbirth To Make Process Easier

Giving birth to a kid is definitely one of the most painful tasks that you can ever imagine but have you ever heard that dancing helps a pregnant woman in relaxing as well as makes the birth process easier?

Well, Today I am going to tell you about Dr. Fernando Guedes da Cunha who is also known as “Dancing Doc” because he makes his patients dance and this way, the birth process gets easier for them.

Check Out The Video:


Dr. Fernando created a sensation when a video in which he was seen dancing with a patient on ‘Despacito’ at his hospital, Unimed Vitória, circulated on the Internet and social media. The video was posted by him on his Instagram account and it received a number of likes and comments.

Check Out The Video:

The research has also proved that dancing does help the pregnant women; however, given the intensity of pain that a pregnant woman experiences at the time of labour, she may consider you as stupid if you ask her to dance at that time.


It is also said that the process of childbirth can take eight hours or more but the women who stay on bed less and keep on moving during the pregnancy have a short and easy childbirth process. The experts feel that even during the labour pain, a woman should move around.

Of course, not everyone believes that this mom was truly in active labor while she was shaking what her mama gave her.

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