Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson looks good in all these Superhero and cartoon avatars


The Rock. The name itself is synonymous with every 90s’ kind. Arguably the biggest superstar the WWE has ever produced.

And in recent years Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has become a household name for his movies and sudden visits to WWE.

We know what a Rockstar and generous person The Rock is. Wherever he goes, he just attracts all the audience towards him with his charisma and that million dollar smile.

Take a look at the weird, wacky, personal costumes that The Rock has put on, all for a laugh…and to show off his ridiculous muscles.

Getting his Mad Max aesthetic on for the opening skit at the MTV Movie Awards.


Then donning superhero suits with Kevin Hart again for a Batman v. Superman spoof…

His Halloween costumes are legendary as well. Here’s an early one as Popeye.

Hulk even didn’t have such muscles 


Then, he switched things up on SNL by making Bambi the hunter.

He made a whole film out of some questionable Tooth Fairy cosplay.

Muscular Pikachu 


And another as the most jacked Fred Flintstone you’ll ever see.


How do you like The Rock in all these attires?

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