Emily Ratajkowski went ‘Topless’ for Photo Shoots and looked smoking hot.


A morning in which the sun is shining, we’re happy to be alive and, holy hell, another picture of the always sensational Emily Ratajkowski doing sexy things that only she can do.

When it comes to having sex appeal and knowing how to flaunt it, there’s no one quite as good as Emily Ratajkowski, who continues to do these types of things with class and elegance without being too inappropriate, don’t you think?

Sure, she could just run around topless and act a fool while doing it—and, yes, we’d all still look—but you’ve got to hand it to the woman for teasing us in a way that makes you understand she has a purpose behind it.

It’s part of what we adore about her the most!

Here are the few Topless pics of The Diva Emily Ratajkowski:

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