Eminem Teases Fans For 15th Anniversary Of ‘Eminem Show’

During the late 90s and the early 00s, Eminem was unstoppable. Eminem hasn’t been very active in the recent past as far as music is concerned but that might change very soon.

His major hits The Slim Shady LP went triple platinum by the end of 1999 thanks to singles like ‘Just Don’t Give a Fuck’, ‘My Name Is’ and ‘Guilty Conscience’. His fourth studio album The Eminem Show, released on May 26, 2002.

The legendary rapper just posted a visual teaser on his Instagram account, ostensibly promoting the fifteenth anniversary of The Eminem Show. Many (including myself) consider The Eminem Show to be Em’s definitive work, as well as his most personal and artistically proficient. And while Em did claim to have retired “Cleaning Out My Closet,” it plays a big part of this ambiguous teaser.

#TheEminemShow Anniversary Is Coming Soon. Link in bio.

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A link posted to his bio goes to the Shady Records website, where there’s an option to sign up for early access to ‘The Eminem Show capsule.’ It’s not really clear what the ‘capsule is’, but it sounds as if it’ll be some unreleased songs or memorabilia from that period.

He posted the same on twitter:

It is’t very clear what exactly Em has planned for this release but we’d hope for some new content — whether it’s music, some behind the scenes footage or the like.


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