End-of-world prediction interrupts TV broadcasts, Where are you?

Another day, another sign of the apocalypse.

A weird emergency message interrupted the regularly scheduled TV broadcasts of some Californians Friday to warn that end times are nigh.

The terrifying warnings aired for Cox and Spectrum users in the Orange County area, the Orange County Register reported.

In one video of the broadcast, a panicked, breathless voice warns about “disasters that are coming.”

The space program made contact with… They are not what they claim to be,They have infiltrated a lot of, uh, a lot of aspects of military establishment, particularly Area 51. The disasters that are coming—the military—I’m sorry the government knows about them…

TV viewers on both Cox Communications and Spectrum received the alert. According to the broadcasting companies, no one was sure why. They believe that some sort of radio emergency test tone was sent, which was picked up by the television stations. Instead of ending after a tone as usual, whichever station sent the alert did not send the ending code, and another radio transmission was picked up and continued to air.

When Cox technicians became aware of the error, they shut down the broadcasts.

You’d be forgiven for believing such an apocalyptic message right now, as multiple hurricanes continue to plough through the Caribbean, massive earthquakes destroy Mexico City, and the nuclear brinksmanship between the United States and North Korea gets steadily worse.

It’s uncertain who’s behind the messages and whether they were intentional, but a Cox spokesperson told that the message came in after radio stations were conducting their monthly emergency test, which the cable networks typically air.

A Spectrum spokesperson confirmed to the Register that they were “fed an incorrect audio file.”

Whatever the reason, it’s pretty frightening…

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