Floyd Mayweather Takes Savage Shot At the Instagram Model


When you’re a famous multi-millionaire boxer there’s no need to beat around the bushes when hitting on your girls.

In the ring, Floyd Mayweather is a defensive genius. But on Instagram, he’s all about the fense.

Money and fame can bring you a lot of things. A big house, cars, popularity, jewelry, holidays and, most inevitably, a massive ego.

A big ego isn’t necessarily always a bad thing, as sometimes you have to have one to succeed at what you do. Floyd Mayweather knows this all too well, as his self-esteem has helped with his undeniable boxing ability to bring in major crowds and promoters.

However, that doesn’t mean that sometimes it doesn’t run away with him.

Nowadays you can find the former boxer on Instagram posting pictures and videos of his tigers, as well as talking about Conor McGregor, whom he’s very close to having a boxing match with.

In among all of that his ego is still very much at large, as it was recently in the comment section of an Instagram model’s post.

Keysha Luv, who you may or may not of heard of, depending on how Insta-savvy you are, posted a picture on a beach with the caption “Feeling like Floyd in this May Weather”. Clever; poetic, almost.


Out of the thousands of likers and hundreds of commenters, Floyd was the most notable, who “took his shot” at Luv with a caveman-like comment.

In fact it was so blunt he may as well have just grunted at her a few times.

Clearly his money, fame and talent means he thinks he can say pretty much whatever he wants, so he commented “I feel like fucking you, in this May weather.

DAMN!!! It’s kind of like when builders wolf whistle at passing women, as if they’re expecting them to turn around and declare their undying lust for them, thanks to their cat calling.

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