French Adult film actress gets disturbing messages from boys aged 12

A French porn actress has revealed her horror at receiving explicit messages from children as young as 12.

Nikita Bellucci, 28, from France, took to Twitter to share some of the shocking messages that had landed in her inbox, pointing the blame at parents for a ‘complete lack of teaching‘ when it comes to sexual education.



She told her 160,000 followers she was ‘tired of educating kids about sex‘, and that parents are not putting in enough preventative measures to keep their children away from internet pornography.

Nikita’s tweet, which has since been liked 14,000 times, has gathered momentum with many praising the actress for talking about sex workers bearing the brunt over the lack of interest shown by parents in their children’s internet safety.


She shared separate messages from different youngsters, which show four boys all asking her for sex and stating their ages.

One of the shocking messages, which has been translated into English, said:

‘Hi, I am going on 13 years old and I am a fan of you. Would you f*** me nude please.’


As well as sharing the message, she went one step further and shared her reply that read: ‘Dude, 13 years. Reflect on your actions, do your homework and don’t contact me again, if not I’ll send [the screen grab] to your parents.’



One of those who took to social media to praise her for her honesty wrote:

‘Thank you for speaking about children and their sexual behaviour and the dangers of access to all types of content on the web without control.

‘I’m a mother, our teens are undergoing sexual pressure on the networks.’


Another child messaged Nikita and asked if she would like to have sex with a ‘12-year-old hottie‘. Feeling that enough was enough, she decided to take action and share her experience online.


She commented:

‘Yes access to pornographic content is easy and unfortunately, there is not enough control, so it is now normal to regularly receive messages from kids asking for photos, to take their virginity, or among other things I want to f***?

‘There is a complete lack of prevention, and it is not up to [sex workers] to educate your kids. There is no control, no surveillance on anything, and then we always accuse the same.

‘I will not lower my head under the pretext that I should be ashamed. It’s not for me to ask myself questions.’

Nikita has previously taken to social media to discuss the problems faced by porn stars in France.

She said:

‘you don’t have the right to want to cultivate your mind’, adding that they are only expected to ‘open your thighs, look beautiful and shut up’.


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