‘Friends’ With No Laugh Track Is Incredibly Creepy

Sitcoms aka situational comedies are built on a foundation of witty and not-so witty jokes being thrown out every 30 seconds or so. You’ll know when one of the characters makes a pun because a laughing track or studio audience will blast over your speakers and you can rest assured you haven’t missed a funny retort.

But when you take that core piece of sitcom culture – characters and the shows they live in take a very different turn.

Take Ross Geller from Friends as a good example:

On the surface he’s that quirky archaeologist who can’t seem to catch a break. But when the laughing isn’t there, he’s quite possibly the worst person to be around.

A person crafty with video editing looked at a famous scene where Ross blows his lid over finding out who ate his treasured turkey sandwich. Who could forget such a good scene?

Look at another scene below:

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