Gerard Butler’s Interview With Two Eight-Year-Olds Is His Toughest Challenge Yet


LADBIBLE  found two little lads, eight-year-old twins Cole and Corey, who were willing to ask Hollywood actor Gerard Butler the questions some of us would feel awkward asking…

Hospitalised in LA only a few weeks ago after a motorcycle accident, Gerard was back on the mend, and totally unsuspecting he was about to be interviewed by the 4ft double act.

Cole and Corey roasted Gerard’s acting career, touched on his way with women (and how many he’s kissed), and asked him to explain what ‘buff’ means.

The actor, best known for starring in movies including 300 and Law Abiding Citizen, also taught our little lads how to speak in a Scottish accent: “You use your tongue and your mouth. A lot.” Their attempts are undoubtedly hilarious.

Geostorm, Gerard Butler’s new action disaster movie, is out now in cinemas.

Watch the video:

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