Girl Dumps BF After Finding Out About His Porsche Cayenne Incident

You’ll never see a Porsche the same way again, especially when you’re in China.

Recently, a man in China who drove a knock-off Porsche Cayenne successfully wooed a lady he met at a gathering party with the car being a huge deciding factor of why the lady to decided to be with him.

Tthe new couple had had sex a few times after being two weeks together. The lady flaunted the pictures of her then-boyfriend car to her friends only to later find out that the car was actually a China knock-off brand called Zoyte.

The friend told her the car only cost about 150,000 Yuan (approx. $23,500) whereas a real Porsche Cayenne would cost up to about 1,5000,000 Yuan in China.

Yup, that’s 10 times the price!

The lady met the taciturn man at a gathering party. Despite being untalkative, the man found out that they both lived no far from each other. Thus, he proposed to give her a ride in which she said yes. As the two were walking to the car, the lady quickly took notice of the man’s car. It’s Porsche Cayenne!

She was surprised that the man was behaving so humble throughout the night. After that night, the two went out on dates. They watched movies together and had dinner together. The lady said he was a gentleman the whole time. He didn’t try to hit on her sexually at all.

“At that time, I thought to myself that rich people are rarely humble. Because of his unique quality, I started to develop feelings for him,” said the lady.

One of her best friends later told her: “That car is not Porsche Cayenne!” She was shocked by her bestie response and wondered how could it be possible as the car had Porsche logos on the hood of the car as well as on the rims.

Those logos can be bought easily online, the friend added that guy must have purposely modified the car to resemble the German-made Porsche Cayenne. Furious upon knowing the truth, the lady confronted her boyfriend and later broke up with him for embarrassing her in front of her friends.

Clearly love can make someone blind.

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