This Girl Got Expelled From College Because Of Her Silly Act

How cool you think you are? What cool things you have ever done? Well, if I start here, there are end numbers of questions that I can ask you about particularly being cool. In our school and college life, each one of us has attempt doing craziest of things out of which some turned out to be the coolest. But, today’s story will make you learn the right definition of ‘Coolness’. A college teen now popular as ‘library girl’, these days is the talk of the town. Read the inside story and know why she is expelled from college.

Made A Naughty Film In The Library

Kendra was silly enough to film herself getting half-naked in the college’s always busy and bustling library and touching herself for the camera. Was this a bit of a naughty dare between her and a boyfriend? Perhaps not, because she was silly enough to upload it all over the Internet afterward.

Video Went Viral

She didn’t actually get caught at the time of filming; it was only when an official at the school found the video online. This 30-minute clip went viral on campus with students sharing the clip multiple times on social media. The video got more than 300,000 views in just a few days.

Kendra Got Arrested For the Video

When news spread out of the ‘library girl’, she was arrested by Oregon State Police on a charge of public indecency. She was cited and later released. Sunderland is still going to appear before a judge to defend her charges.

If she her lawyer doesn’t do a good enough job at this, she could be looking at a $6000 fine and even 12 months in prison! High price to pay for a silly video.

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