Girl Went School Braless And Her Teacher Got Uncomfortable With It, Then…

When Kaitlyn Juvik decided to go to school without putting on a bra, least had she thought that her day would be like none other.

She had to go to the Vice-Principal’s office because her attire made a male teacher uncomfortable, and this offended her. And so, this issue of what is appropriate to wear or not wear in school escalated to become a matter of gender equality and misplaced focus.

No one really saw that coming, but one must still ask the question of whether or not the rebellion is rightly placed. But in order to come to a conclusion, one must know all details. So scroll down, and find out what exactly happened!

18-year-old Kaitlyn Juvik’s day was going on like any other when suddenly she was asked to go to the Vice-Principal’s office. Apparently, she was making male teacher ‘uncomfortable’ because she wore stickers instead of a proper bra.
She claims she wasn’t wearing anything against the dress code…

She was upset after her trip to the office, and so, after she got out, she posted a picture of herself in the dress she was wearing on Facebook. She claimed that she wasn’t wearing anything that was against the school’s dress code.

The school’s defense…

Principal Steve Thennis said that they don’t check for underwear, and if they find anything inappropriate, they ask them to cover up, irrespective of the whether it’s a male or female.

This story has been going viral, with the belief that the focus should not have been Kaitlyn’s dress, rather, it should have been the morality of the male teacher. Kaitlyn’s friend, Brooke, said that as generations have passed on and women are today able to wear pants, she hopes that some day there will be even more equality between the genders.

As a form of revolt, 300 students went braless.

The student handbook says nothing about students being braless in school, and so, according to Kaitlyn, she has all the rights to come to school braless. In fact, she’s offended by the fact that someone is uncomfortable with her natural body.

While gender equality is a must, one must still ask: is this rebellion rightly placed?


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