Girl Admits On Television She Doesn’t Enjoy Sex With Her Boyfriend

JIMMY Carr’s new TV show Your Face or Mine may have left a relationship in tatters after one girl admitted she didn’t enjoy sex with her boyfriend.

In this week’s episode of the dating quiz, couple Louis and Aida agree to put how well they know each other on the line.

Poor Louis was the subject of such embarrassment when his girlfriend Aida, admitted that she’s not a fan of the sex.

When quizzed about their love life, she said: “It depends. I’m not a very sexual person. So like, when it happens, it happens, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.”

Louis also tried to make himself look a little better by adding: “Sometimes I’m really tired. I just come home from work and go to sleep.”

Jimmy, as quick witted as ever, turned to co-host Katherine and said: “It doesn’t sound too good, does it?”

Aida then added another nail to the coffin by saying: “I think a lot of girls feel like they have to please their boyfriends whereas I literally couldn’t care less.”

The pair may have left the stage in good spirits, but Louis will be feeling pretty low.

Here is the video:

The show, which originally aired in 2003 and has now been brought back by Comedy Central, looks set to be a great cringeworthy watch.

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