Watch girl’s reaction, When she watches her boyfriend kissing a fat girl

This is the moment a woman uses a hidden camera to test her boyfriend’s loyalty after sending another woman to chat him up.

The suspicious unnamed woman enlisted the help of YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater to find out if her boyfriend would be unfaithful to her.

It starts with the girl watching footage of a young woman approach her boyfriend, Steve, and ask to join him.

Steve asks her what meat she likes in her pasta to which she boldly replies ‘I like the sausage‘.

He then goes on to compliment her dress she asks if he smokes weed and much to his girlfriend’s surprise he says yes.

The honey trapper, a woman employed to flirt with another woman’s partner, then invites him back to her apartment to ‘smoke’ sometime.

Steve says:

‘Can I get your number then?’

The ‘cheater’ then goes on to ask her what she does for a living – which turns out to be mystery shopping and phone sex.

She offers him a free sample of her work and says:

‘Hey Steve, how’re you? I really need you to stick it in Steve – your credit card, that is.’

Steve seems very impressed, especially when she tells him that she will ‘blow his mind in her apartment.’

They exchange numbers and the young woman suggests that maybe they can ‘have phone sex without the phone.’

Meanwhile, his girlfriend is watching this play out and it appears to become more distressed and tearful.

Especially when he denies having a girlfriend by saying ‘no, not really’ when he is asked by his flirty new acquaintance whether he is a taken man.

Seeming happy with his response the woman plants a kiss on his lips before leaving.

His shocked girlfriend then announces to the To Catch a Cheater presenter that she ‘obviously’ wants to break up with him now.

She immediately rings him and asks when he started smoking weed.

Confused Steve asks ‘what?’ and his girlfriend explains that she has seen a video of him flirting up a storm.

His upset girlfriend says:

‘I always knew you were a cheater.

‘I always knew I could never trust you.

‘Our relationship is over, we’re done.

Her now ex-boyfriend replies:

‘Okay… that’s fine.’


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