To All The Girls Who Slip Into Depression After Their Breakup: Think About This And Feel Bad


This post was written by an Anonymous writer.

My Dear Girls,

Your boyfriends are very happy with this, they feel like they’ve got the freedom to live again. So if you think you are going to cry dramatically, and they’re going to come and console you, you are living in a world of fantasy. 

I always had one question. I have heard about many suicides after breakup but never suicides after any parent’s death. So clearly, dating is more important than your birth givers. Right? Wrong. We should find it more difficult to live without our parents but we don’t. It only means that we’re capable of letting go. Then why can’t we let go off our breakups? What’s the big deal?

Girls, the only important thing in your life is or should be your family. Never love someone who you cannot know will stay with you forever. This holds very true for your future spouse as well. The only pure love you must have felt or seen till date came from your family. They have gone through true sacrifices to bring you up. Never let them down.

Your parents have brought you in this world to see you growing big, to see you lighting up their names, to see you make them proud, to see you being successful in your life, money wise and fame wise!

Most of all, your parents have brought you in this world to see you being independent. To NOT bow down in front of anyone, unreasonably.

Your parents haven’t brought you in this world to see you grow up to fall into depression, simply because a boy broke your heart. They have invested so many years in your happiness, in what you always wanted- TO BE HAPPY. Seeing some random guy come along and break your heart and see you slowly slip into depression is the worst thing that can happen to them. It only means how weak their love towards you is. It weakens them. 

They did NOT give birth to you to see you listening and bowing down to some random boy and do as he pleases. No! You are not here for that. You are here to make your family proud of you. That’s it. You are here to get and give respect, to make it big and to provide your family with the same support that they gave you all your life.

The sole purpose of your life is, I believe, to first let your family do things for you and when you become stable, it’s your job to take care of them. 

And one more thing, 

To the girls who are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, and are facing things like their parents saying, “The boy isn’t good for you”. I beg you. LISTEN TO THEM. Please listen to them.

They are much more experienced in their lives and they know a person just by the first glance. They know much more about life than you do and believe me, at some point of your life, that boy is going to prove you parents right and walk over you. Mark my words. It happened to me.

By a girl who has been through all of the above and made herself strong later.

Author’s Note:

Well, I’m a 19 year old girl, who has been through the teenage drama too. Yes I was depressed too, only to realise that it felt worse. You feel like s***. You have to be strong enough! You girls want to know what keeps me from hurting? The very first thing, this whole thing I’ve written till now, keeps me from getting hurt. Really, it makes me strong. You may feel like your parents aren’t good to you and all that. But no! ‘Parents’ are the best thing anyone can get on this planet. They are godly creatures. It’s true that God can’t be everywhere, that’s why he created parents. The second thing that keeps me from hurting is that I imagine myself in an unbreakable glass house, which only allows me and my family inside. The rest are not allowed. So when any one hurts you, just imagine the person charging at your house at full speed and crashing onto the glass. You don’t get hurt at all. You are safe, intact. This is what you need to imagine. All the negative emotions that come from anyone other than your family? Just imagine them crashing onto your hard strong glass and going back. This is the principle of life. If you stay strong, with head held high, no one can even dare to hurt you. 




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