AM I GOOD IN BED? Sex worker who has slept with over 10,000 men answers the questions women never dare to ask

Gwyneth Montenegro, the sex worker from Australia has had sexual encounters with 10,091 men in her career as a professional escort which spanned over 12 years.

And she reveals the secret to ‘what men actually want’ in her book The Secret Taboo which came out this year.

After spending over a decade in the industry, she has a number of tips and when talking about “being financially successful in the sex industry”.


She says:

“most gentlemen don’t always go for the kinky services”.

She says in her book that what most men want is the “feeling of being needed and wanted. Wanted badly by a horny woman. It is their ultimate fantasy after all“.


Men, therefore, want the feeling of being needed by a woman. She tells the women who are trying to make it in this field that, “you make look like you want him bad and are enjoying him so much (even if you aren’t).

She believes that most women in the industry are trying to outdo each other in ways and techniques, but that it isn’t required at all.



She says:

“don’t try and keep up with or outdo anyone else, or this can backfire. You only want to work within your boundaries.”

She adds:

“They are regular everyday men who just want some fun, and they want to know that you are having fun too.”


Faced with the question if women need to have their breasts enlarged or if they need to undergo surgery to appear pleasing, she wrote:

If you’ve got them, there’s a market. If you don’t, there’s a market too. I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over it.”



She writes:

“A little-known secret in the punting world is that there are quite a lot of men who will actively seek out escorts who are not the hottest of the hot women and go for someone who isn’t as classically beautiful because they feel shy and sometimes a little inadequate themselves.”



She also writes:

“You don’t have to be the hottest femme fatale, but as long as you are well groomed, comfortable and confident in your own skin, have a great vibe, energetic and you are professional…then this is what it takes.”

“There are many, many different women of all shapes, ages, sizes, and backgrounds than you can think of making money from their body.”


About how one should dress, she writes,

“When it comes to the clothes you wear, You don’t have to have ‘it all hanging out’ to make money in this business.”


She said:

“You don’t have to slut yourself out in how you dress, to get the attention of the men.”

She says that men need some mystery and overdoing things usually doesn’t work that well.


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