Google is adding a new feature to Google Maps and it’s awesome.


Google Maps who doesn’t use it, right? Google Maps have been parts and parcel of our life. Now when we land into a new place be it a small village, a city or an entirely new country we need not care about the location of the specific place as long as we know the name of that place.

So, after all these years Google has decided to finally add one of the most important feature that we have been longing for ages: The ability to share your real-time location.


The location-sharing feature only works if you decide to share your current location with a specific person, and you can limit how long a friend sees your location. Ideally, this will provide Google Maps users with a handy way to let their friends know how close, or far away, they are from a rendezvous – and just how late they really will be.

The official date of this update in yet to be announced by Google.

However, Here is how it works and the features of this update:

  • The new feature looks simple enough to use, requiring only that you tap the blue dot that indicates your location and then select “share my location.”
  • You can share your location with anyone in your Google Contacts list, regardless of whether they are on iOS, Android or on a computer.
  • You will also have the option to bypass Google Contacts and copy a link to send to any recipient.
  • You will be able to set a time limit on how long you are sharing your location, and the app will notify you that your location is being shared whenever you are in it, so that you don’t inadvertently forget.
  • And if you’re using Google Maps for driving directions, the update will allow you to share your location and route with whoever you want, providing them with an up-to-date ETA.


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