Gordon Ramsay Insults Priyanka Chopra in the worst way possible.


Gordon Ramsay is known to review food items on Twitter.People on social media regularly click photos of the food they cooked and ask the sous chef to review it. Most of the times the answers are savage and this time Priyanka Chopra fell in the firing line of Ramsay. The chef attended the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen show where he was asked to review dishes of celebrity.

Staying true to his character, Gordon had the nastiest things to say about celebrity dishes. The chef was showed the dishes and he said they were either disgusting or they should not have made it. So when Gordon was showed Priyanka Chopra’s dish, he said, “It looks like dog food”.


Ya, he did! The video will make you believe it.

He also reviewed Chrissy Teigen and Martha Stewart’s dishes. The dish of Priyanka Chopra about which he was talking was khichdi and chicken soup. We wonder what Priyanka Chopra would say on this.

Well, we guess it’s okay because in the very same segment, he grilled a dish made by Martha Steward and said: “That looks like it caught a disease.” If he could be so harsh to ladies who have cookbooks and culinary degrees under their belts, the negative remarks feels a little less painful.


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