Groom Played Video At Wedding Of Bride Cheating On Him To Expose Her

In the UK, the average wedding costs something like £20,000. With those sort of numbers floating around, you’d have thought that of paramount importance before jumping into that spending spree would be whether or not you really want to spend the rest of your life with the bride or groom in question.

Now I’m not stupid and I know that this isn’t a perfect world. Lots of marriages fail in the end and that’s part of life. However, you’d have thought that most people looking to get married were into the idea at the time.

At the very least, people wouldn’t get married to, say, prove a point, would they?

Apparently they would, as one man in Singapore went through the whole process of arranging a wedding at great cost for the woman he loved, going through the whole ceremony and then, as the icing on the cake, showed a video of his new bride with another man to expose her as the cheater she was.

That really happened.

The couple’s loved ones were astonished when they saw the woman allegedly “behaving intimately” with another man in the footage, it is reported.

The clip, displayed at the wedding in Singapore, began with a montage of the bride and groom’s relationship so far, according to local media.

But suddenly, it cut into footage of the woman going into a hotel room with her alleged lover, before the pair apparently engaged in “intimate” actions.

The groom, a wealthy businessman, had hired a private detective a few weeks before the wedding to check on his wife-to-be.

He had apparently suspected she was cheating on him.

After the video was played at the wedding, the “embarrassed” and “humiliated” bride is said to have run out of the room.

It was not clear whether the ceremony had taken place by the time the groom got revenge on his ‘cheating’ partner.

The case came to light after the investigator the husband-to-be hired, Ms Zhuo, spoke to Singaporean media about it.

Ms Zhuo from Ajax Investigation And Security Services, said she had expected that the customer would use the information she had provided about the bride-to-be allegedly seeing another man to call off the engagement.

Instead, she was shocked to receive an invitation to the couple’s wedding.

She claimed she spent six weeks monitoring the fiancée before reporting back on her alleged findings to her client.

I also understand that he was upset and wanted to make everyone know what his significant other had been getting up to, but there are more efficient and cheaper ways of doing it, aren’t there?

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