This guy asks woman to send picture of her breasts and This is what the woman did.


You match with them one day and minutes later, they’re bombarding you with messages and demands like there’s no tomorrow.

Afraid of ending up on Catfish, or just really horny and devoid of any imagination, they start pining for nudes and pictures almost straight away.

And there’s nothing quite like being pressed for boob pics by some dude you’ve never even met to make you feel valued and in-demand.

So when one guy kept bugging a woman for nudes, she relented and sent him a load of pictures.

He, quite naturally, wanted to see her body.

He wanted thighs.


ANYTHING in fact.

And she complied because what monster would deny a f*ckboy his rights to receive nudes?

He got thigh, breast and leg pics, and the woman obliged to her demands. Just not in the usual way. 

Clearly the escalation became too much for Mr NUDESeeker, who weirdly seemed to stop replying.

‘AM I JUICY ENOUGH FOR YOU?’, Imgur user Leonaloir asked, before even offering to strip for him.


‘Some a*shole online F*ckboy kept hammering me for nudes,’ Leonaloir posted.

‘He got what he asked for.’

Maybe the images of all that hot sauce sent him into such ecstasy that he was unable to hold his smartphone.

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