This Guy Ate And Trained Like The Rock For A Month, Here’s What Happened


Most of us have trouble counting calories and sticking to a simple exercise regime. Mark Webster, on the other hand, ate and trained like Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson for an entire month.

Webster found out that it ain’t easy being the Rock. It’s expensive, it’s exhausting, and it requires eating over 5,000 calories per day (of very specific foods). However, the process and the results changed Webster’s life, and eventually earned him props from the Rock himself.

The Workout

Webster based his workout routine on one that Johnson reportedly used to train for Hercules. Six days per week, Webster did 60-90 minutes of weight training and 50 minutes of cardio.

By the end of the month, Webster’s weight had barely changed. The big difference was his fat was gone and muscle had increased.

As Webster acclimated to working out, he started to feel better physically. He said that his 37-year-old body felt some aches and pains along the way, but that the regime has made him feel “fantastic.”

Webster’s resting heart rate has also dropped by four beats over the course of the month, which is an impressive improvement. Having a lower resting heart beat means that your heart doesn’t have to work as hard, which lowers your risk of heart disease.

The Diet
You’d think the workout was the hardest part, but the diet was difficult too. It’s not that the food was bad or the portions were small, it was just that Webster had to constantly eat.

The Rock’s diet includes seven full meals plus a protein shake. He has to eat a tremendous amount of protein and carbs to build muscle and restore all of the calories he’s burning.

Preparing and eating all of this food takes hours to complete. When you have a full-time job that puts a heavy demand on your schedule. Still, Webster managed to keep it up for 33 days.

The Reaction
Johnson heard about Webster’s routine and was skeptical. He posted to Twitter, “Uh oh. This kinda only works if you train 2Xs a day, work 14hrs on set and are half Samoan/half Black. And Cuss.” He included a laughing and crying emoji to show it was in good fun, but he was clearly doubtful of Webster.

A couple weeks later, the Rock went back on Twitter to post, “Impressed by this discipline. Harder than one would think.”

Not quite a week later, he had fully come around. Johnson said, “Tip my hat to this guy.” That comment was in response to Webster posting that he didn’t start the workout to look like the Rock, he just wanted to see if he could work as hard as the Rock.

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