A guy was caught Red-Handed looking at a woman’s Bo*bs but what he did next made the woman ask for a date with him.


Breasts: Women have them, men love them — but clearly women and men don’t think about them in the same way.

To you ladies, they’re obviously part of your body, for better or worse. Sometimes you’re proud of them, sometimes unhappy and most of you know how to use them to your advantage at least a little.

To us guys, however, your breasts are the object of something between strong interest and out-and-out obsession depending upon the guy (and the set). They make us fixate, double-take and lose our trains of thought.

They make our eye contact stray during conversation. They make us sigh involuntarily. They make us gawk.

The thing is, most women don’t realize that our borderline mania isn’t very complicated: we simply like boobs — a lot. And we like them in pretty much all shapes and sizes. If you’re asking “why do men like boobs,” the answer is simply “because they’re boobs.”

But when caught looking at them, It sure does become a issue. Here is a case where the man was caught looking at a woman’s Breast.

You would think that he would have been thrashed by the woman or something similar to that but in truth something very unreal Happened.

This is how the story folded:

Both the guy and the Girl went to Yoga classes together. One Day the Guy approached the Girl with a “HELLO”.

The girl responded back with a gesture and they started a conversation but then suddenly the Girl saw the man looking at her cleavage.

She asked “I am sorry but are you looking at my chest?

Any sane person would say “NO” right?. But this guy had the courage to say “YES”.

The lady was very disturbed by the answer and started bashing him when he told her to stop and listen to what he had to say.

The guy said,” See madam, If you really didn’t want me to stare at your beautiful breast then you’d be wearing something else than a sports bra covering may be 1/3rd of your perfect boobs.and another thing.
I am biologically programmed to look at boobs, ok? It’s in my DNA to scam for supple life giving breasts. It’s not personal, it’s not about me. It’s about my future offspring.

One last thing, if that is not enough, I spent the best 18 months of my life sucking on those things. They are objects of love and caring representing the time of my life when days were easy and may be I saw all that happiness in your breasts.

The man concluded and the woman was left shocked and amazed and responded, “ I don’t know what to sat. That was actually logical and somewhat sweet. Hey, Do you wanna go for coffee or something?

And that’s that. This Guy quite literally turned the tables and in what epic way.

Just a remainder, Do not try this. Because you would get beaten in most cases if you say something like this to a woman.

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