Guy Proposes His Girlfriend At His Graduation Ceremony Look What She Says

Your moment at the graduation ceremony lasts only a few seconds but a graduate at Baylor University in Texas stole the show this year with a very memorable acceptance.

Immediately after receiving his diploma, graduate named Joseph Dizdar grabbed the microphone on stage, and proposes to his girlfriend.

“Nicole Whitehead … I love you so much, and was wondering, will you marry me?” Dizdar said as the crowd cheered.

“I’m ordained, I can do weddings too,” someone present on the stage joked as Dizdar ran into the crowd to see his fiance.

The university shared a clip of the engagement to its Facebook page, where Whitehead chimed in with a thank you.

“Thank you, Baylor, for capturing this moment and being a good sport about my crazy fiancé causing a  scene! I will never, ever forget this!” wrote Whitehead.

Here is the Facebook posts by the University:

How do you top finally getting your #Baylor degree? By getting a “Yes!” to your marriage proposal at the same time!!
Congratulations to the happy couple!


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