Guy Tries To Get Away With Cheating By Pretending That The Woman Is A Sex Doll

One guy has become the subject of one of the most bizarre and unusual pieces of footage that have ever been posted to the internet.

According to the post on Facebook, he was busted by his girlfriend when about to do the dirty with another woman and decided to pretend that his ‘mate’ was a sex doll to get away with it.



Admittedly, your #FAKENEWS sense might be tingling a bit whilst watching this, but it is certainly possible that something this ridiculous could just be true.

Either way, it’s funny. I’d like to say that stranger things have happened, but, well, just have a look at it.



The woman bursts in her door after spotting her boyfriend with another woman and screams:

“What the f**k is going on in here?! Who the f**K is this?!”

Trying to cover his tracks, her boyfriend replies:

“It’s a f**king sex doll!”


The other woman, for her part, is committed to the role, standing on the stairs frozen. The guy’s girlfriend is not having it though and starts to push her.

The half-naked woman even attempts to ask her to stop in a robot voice, but she can only go so far and snaps before starting to gather her things to leave.

Obviously, it wasn’t enough to fool the furious girlfriend.

she screams:

“This b***h is no sex doll!”

Honestly, though, did they really think that would work?!


There are some bits of friendly advice to take from this. In all relationships, honesty is the best policy. If you lie and then lie again to cover the first lie eventually you’ll be caught out.

The human mind isn’t smart enough to keep track of all of the possible strands of lies and the directions that they can take.


The second piece of advice that you need to bear in mind is that if you’re going to lie, make it believable for God’s sake. Things that sound ridiculous usually are.

The third and final piece of advice, if you forgot to follow the other two, is that if you’re caught red-handed, just own up. It’ll be over quicker if you come clean.

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