HOT Mom Caught The Hotel Manager Spying On Her. Then She Does This To Him

If you thought creepy hotels where guests are spied on only exist in the movies, think again! Clare Day, a married mother of two children experienced what most women would describe as their worst nightmare.

When you’re a paying customer at a fairly expensive hotel, the last thing you expect to happen is to be secretly watched while you’re in your room. She caught him out, but you really won’t believe what the consequences were.

The Best Western Hotel in Darlington, just north of Leeds in England, United Kingdom, is the last place you’d expect something horrible like this to happen. It’s located at Walworth Castle, a famous historical monument, in quite a picturesque setting.

Clare Day, a 27-year-old saleswoman and mother of two, was travelling alone when she experienced one of the most traumatic moments of her life. As she was getting undressed one evening, she had no idea what was about to happen…

While Day was getting changed after eating dinner, she happened to look up at the bathroom window. What she saw absolutely horrified her. She locked eyes with a man who had his face pressed up against the glass of the window!

As she stared in horror, it suddenly hit her: this wasn’t some random man who happened to gain access to the hotel. She recognized the man as an employee of the hotel, a shift manager who she had already spoken to.

The last time she had been in contact with the man was not in a professional sense. She recognized him from earlier in the night, when he tried to engage her in conversation at the restaurant. Day was dining alone and politely rejected his advances.

Totally shocked in the moment, Day couldn’t believe what was happening before her very eyes. “My stomach lurched. It was like something out of a horror movie,” she told The Mirror, a national newspaper. We don’t blame her for being surprised!

Unfortunately for Day, she was completely naked when she discovered the hotel employee was spying on her after dinner.

“I was in the bathroom and saw him behind me through the reflection in the mirror. I screamed and covered myself.”

Day didn’t only recognize the man from his conversion attempts in the hotel restaurant. He had also checked her in, which is how he knew her room number.

“I knew it was the man who’d checked me in. Then his face disappeared,”

Day, a saleswoman from Kirby, Nottingham, was travelling alone for work during her stay at the Walworth Castle Best Western in Darlington. She was more than two hours away from her husband and kids at home. What an awful end to her trip!

After the shock, Day covered herself and screamed, but her next move was to immediately contact the hotel to report their employee’s actions. She called reception straight away and explained the entire story to them. She wasn’t expecting this response.

Day didn’t know what the hotel’s protocol would be for something so creepy and unusual, but she was certainly expecting a bit more concern from them. They simply told her to lock her bedroom door and call back in the morning.

Understandably, Day found it impossible to sleep at all that night, fully aware that the spying hotel employee was lurking around the grounds. She even pushed the wardrobe against the door to make doubly sure he couldn’t get in by picking the lock.

After receiving an unsatisfactory response from the individual hotel, Day then took her complaint to the Best Western chain. Shockingly, the compensation they offered her was a free night of accommodation… in the same hotel! Can you imagine her surprise?

The creepy employee was only given a warning for voyeurism by local police, due to it being a first-time offence. He was later fired from his position at the hotel when security camera footage was recovered and they saw proof of his actions.

Since the incident, Day has been traumatized and afraid to be left alone. Her husband even took time off work to be with her.

“I’m furious. He has been let off scot-free. I felt totally violated and I am still suffering the effects of his actions,”

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