They Call Her ‘The Hottest Girl On Instagram’ And You’ll See Why

Without a doubt, Instagram famous girls have made their way into celebrity status. With thousands to millions of followers that watch their lives on a daily basis, they are in a way comparable to self-directed reality TV, and twice as profitable.

They are all beautiful, but even amongst all of the beautiful perfect women some standout, here is a quick breakdown of one of the rising stars of this field.

Her Name Is Gabrielle Epstein

If you have an Instagram, odds are in the favour that you have seen Gabrielle. You may even follow her, she has an impressively large following, and if you don’t you have almost certainly seen her photo in the Instagram explore feed, where she is regularly featured.

She Goes By Gabby

Gabrielle is a bit long for most, so like many young women, Gabrielle has shortened it to a nickname, Gabby! This name is much cuter and better fitting to how adorable Gabby is, here she can be seen cheesing big at the beach in a bright bikini.

From The Gold Coast Of Australia

Gabby comes from the North West coast of Australia, often referred to as the Gold Coast for its beautiful golden beaches. You can tell it from her Instagram feed which is full of pictures of the model in bikinis at the beach.

Active Lifestyle And Natural Beauty

It is very easy to tell from even a brief glance at Gabby’s feed that she is so well liked for good reason. Her feed is filled from top to bottom with photos of her, and sometimes her friends, out making the most of their young lives adventuring around the whole world.

Over A Million Followers

Gabby was always popular on Instagram, but in 2015 her popularity started to grow at almost an exponential rate. Now she boasts over a million and a half, 1.8 million to be exact, followers on Instagram which takes some serious social media savvy.

Only 21 Years Old

Most of her fans may be surprised to know that Gabby is only 21 years old! For someone so young she has been incredibly successful and has managed this success exceptionally well. Being so young is a huge advantage in her career because now she has years ahead to capitalize on her success.

Advice On Many Topics

If you do a quick google search on Gabby, many of the first things that pop up will be various interviews she has given on how to achieve the same level of success that she has. She wants to be a resource for other young people trying to start a digital career.

Even Has Her Own Lingerie Line

Gabby’s personal image brand mostly revolves around her amazing body and beach lifestyle, so it makes sense that as an offshoot of that she has created her own lingerie line called Gabrielle Grace. The line carries cute feminine lingerie at a reasonable price.

Knows How To Market Herself

Gabby started doing work as a model part time at 15 years old, and when she graduated high school at 17 years old is when she started full time and kicked off her Instagram career. Because of her well-developed brand, she was able to reach out to brands she wanted to work with to collaborate.

Rocketed To Success Overnight

Her full-time interest in a career in Instagram modelling started when she was 18 years old, less than three years ago. That is an impressively short time to have climbed to over a million followers and co-founded a company, you go girl!

One Of Australia’s Biggest Influencers

Oh, the land down under, Australia. Australia, or Oz as a lot of people call it, is well known around the world for many things… crazy animals, hard to understand accents, and it’s beautiful women. There are a lot of social media influencers from Oz, and Gabby is one of the most successful of them.

Resource On How To Achieve The Success She Has

On top of her many interviews about what has enabled her to achieve such success she also has her own personal website with a blog section about how to best run your social media. Overall she is a very accessible public figure.

Created Her Own Brand

Her website also links back to her lingerie brand, and this allows her to tie together her whole public brand in one setting. This brand is now something that she wants to continue growing to include even more facets and draw a wider audience.

She Does Have A Personal Life Too

Gabby does lots of things outside of her modelling career, the most impressive of which may be pursuing a Bachelor of Biomedical Science. Eventually, she wants to go on to get a doctoral degree in dermatology and hopefully open her own practice one day.

Go, Gabby, Go!!!

Having already accomplished so much we can only assume that Gabby is going to continue this exponential career growth. As with many young stars that have their stuff together, we are excited to see what Gabby brings out in the next few years!


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