Husband Does a Sensual Pumpkin-Themed Halloween Photoshoot For His Wife

For most couples, the start of fall means taking corny photos at apple orchards, family cottages, and Starbucks cafes. Nashville-based photographer Gayla Thompson and her husband Ryan, however, decided to buck tradition and do something infinitely better – they held a ‘dudeoir’ photo shoot in the middle of a field, with Ryan wearing nothing but rolled-up boxer briefs and a series of strategically-placed pumpkins. Oh, and a bottle of Bud, of course.

This may very well be the most touching example of true, dedicated love we’ve seen this year. Everyone should officially be of the belief that if your man won’t strip down and strike sensual poses with winter squash for you, he’s not the one. “He’s my pumpkin butt,” Thompson wrote on Facebook about the shoot, and we couldn’t agree more; his pumpkin-adorned curves have now won a place in each of our hearts.

If your news feed is currently full of boring couples doing boring fall things, just click away from it all, and enjoy the photo below.

And this is how people reacted to it.

How would you have reacted if your future half does one for you tell us below in comment?

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