This Instagram Account Documents the Insanely Opulent Lives of Russia’s Richest Kids

If you were impressed (or horrified) by the Instagram account that documents lifestyle of american teens, prepare to weep with envy (or dismay) at the Russian version. As would be expected, the rich kids of Russia are bigger, more lavish, and furrier than their American counterparts. It’s not that much of a surprise, really, given the country’s feast or famine relationship to material excess. And it stands to reason that if their parents have a taste for cars, jewels, and record-breaking real estate purchases, then the kids won’t take a subtle, measured approach to living the high life. After all, you can never have too much gold, right?

Tanks are always bold and robust.


Watch says it all.


Bottles of champagne must be gold-plated.


Swimming pools and hot tubs must always overlook greater bodies of water.


Как погодка в Раше?☀️ – by @dollmatova #RRK #RichRussianKids #maldives #villa #indianocean

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If you’re not swimming with an exotic animal, then there is no point in swimming at all.


Never miss an opportunity to pretend you’re in a rap video.


Cars too gold-plated.


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