Is this the rudest wedding pic of all time? Wedding photo that shows bride performing a sex act goes viral


Your wedding day will be something forever etched in your memory. All your family and all your friends there to witness you tie the knot.

The memories of the day will also be stored in an album, where an expensive photographer has captured the happiest moments of the day. It’s something you’ll show the kids, the grand-kids, and maybe even the great grand-kids.

So you’d better get that blowjob picture at the front of the album!

A Dutch couple thought they’d do just that, heading off into the woods following the ceremony, with the groom pulling his trousers down to his knees as his new wife crouches down to simulate fellating him.

You can only imagine the conversation with the photographer, who in this case is Michael Klooster: ‘We’ve got the greenery, the lovely scenery… now, how about the groom gives the bride a cheeky kiss on the cheek?’

‘Actually, Michael, I was thinking something a bit different – something along the lines of my sucking him off.”

Alas that’s not how it happened. Michael explained: “I don’t want private parts visible on the picture, but everything that creates the impression is interesting.

“They were anyway very cheerful people. A nice and casual wedding, at which everything did not have to be so formal.

“Anyone who thinks this is offensive, still lives in the year 1996 according to my opinion. Of all the pictures taken, there is one that is playful, which in ten years is still fantastic to talk about.

“Give these people their joy. That is also something I wish to you. Life is already prudish enough.”

Fair enough, but I’m still thinking about explaining it to the grandchildren.

The staged joke was further explained in the picture’s caption, which read: “Some newlyweds cannot wait for the party to be over so they can quietly retreat to their suite for a smashing wedding night.

“Luckily they already exchanged their wedding vows and they were officially married.”

According to Michael the pose was suggested by one of the couple’s mothers, which sort of only makes it weirder.

Still, they’ve created their special memory and that’s good for them. As Aerosmith sang, falling in love is hard on the knees.

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