It’s Been Ten Years Now Since Charlie Bit His Brother’s Finger And Became A Viral Hit

Have you watched the video “Charlie bit my finger” ?

It is now an incredible 10 years since two little boys Harry and Charlie were brought into the lives of millions of people across the world with one of the highest ranking videos ever put on YouTube.

Nothing makes you feel old like realising something that feels like it only happened last year actually happened a decade ago.

If you still picture the stars of the clip as a baby with a toothy grin and his screaming older brother, then think again. They’re now 13 and 11, thinking about boring things like secondary school and homework and SATs.

If you haven’t seen the video because you’ve been hiding under a rock all this time, check it out here:

Why did the video become so popular?

  • ‘Charlie bit my finger’ was uploaded in May 2007, and by February 2008 it has hit 2.6 million views.
  • Then it really blew up. In March 2008 alone the video got another 12 million views.
  • And by December that year it was the twelfth most viewed video on YouTube with 65 million views.
  • It took over as the most viewed video ever at the end of October 2009.
  • In addition to being the most viewed, the video was also the ‘most favourited’ and the second ‘most discussed’ video on the website in the UK.

Here’s how they look today:

So many parody of that video has been made so far.

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