Japan’s Weirdest Game shows, That took the world by storm

Japan has to be one of the most bizarre places on the face of the planet but, also one of the most liberated at the same time. Japan might have some strange customs but, the country is probably one of the most nonjudgmental places on the planet as well.

From sex dolls and robots to strange vending machines there isn’t a thing that you couldn’t attain if your heart desired and no reason to feel shame for it.

Matter of fact, Japan is known as one of the few places that have some of the craziest and wildest gameshow options available of any country and we’ve compiled a few that we think you guys might enjoy. With that said, check them out for yourself right now.

Candy Or Not Candy?

The concept for this one is pretty simple from reading the title and all, contestants have to taste/bite into objects moulded from chocolate through a process known as sokkuri. The only thing that makes the show remotely entertaining is watching people bite into inanimate objects like this chubby guy attempting to eat a shoe like a Big Mac.


If you guys think this show has anything to do with bingo, guess again. The show is actually centred around contestants playing dodgeball and for those of who get hit the consequences are dire. These young ladies were forced to blow into a tube and whoever lost was forced to eat whatever type of strange insect that is. Ugh.

Soapy Stairs

We have a feeling we’ve all embarrassing slipped on a set of stairs at least once throughout our lifetime but, the show Soapy Stairs takes that embarrassment to the next level. Contestants are forced to reach the top of a set of soapy stairs but, if they happen to fall to the bottom they land in a vat of goop making it harder to reach the top.

Strip The Girl

Now, this is a gameshow we wouldn’t mind competing in. The basis of the show is as simplistic as the show’s title. Male contestants are forced into embarrassing scenarios while they complete tasks in order to get a sneak peek at the naked women behind their veils. Pervy but, we can see the entertainment value in it.

Human Tetris

Here’s a Japanese game show that eventually found its way to the United States, Human Tetris. The contestants are forced to shapeshift their bodies into awkward positions while a wall full of cutouts moves rapidly towards their person. The results are usually hilarious.

Spread Your Legs

We’re not really sure how this particular gameshow serves any purpose but it exists. Spread Your Legs is a Japanese game show where young lady contestants are hooked up to a mechanism that forces their legs to separate after a wheel is spun and the larger the number the more the legs opened. Yet another pervy gameshow provided by our brothers and sisters in Japan.

The Bum Game

Here’s yet another game show that puts the women of Japan in compromising positions, The Bum Game. Young women are placed in a contraption that only reveals their backsides to contestants where they have to guess which butt belongs to who. Ladies, before you come at us in the comment section, the women participating in this gave consent.

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