John Cena celebrates his 40th Birthday in his own way and shows why he is one of the strongest.


William Shakespeare and WWE Superstar John Cena were both born on April 23rd. It’s a good bet Shakespeare probably didn’t celebrate the big 4-0 by deadlifting more than quarter of a ton.

Yes, 602 pounds is what Cena handily rocks with an alarming lack of effort in the video he posted on his Twitter feed early Sunday. It turns out he’d only been working up to that astonishing number and documented this in previous tweets, such as this one, in which he lifts a measly 573 lbs.

The 16-time world champion shared a video on Twitter in which he deadlifted 602 pounds:

The big guy is definitely heading into the forties in style, and has a lot to celebrate. Sure there was this video in which he helped fiancee Nikki Bella celebrate reaching 500,000 Youtube subscribers by getting naked and pretending to fart on her—but then there’s also the fact she said yes to marrying Cena after he proposed to her at Wrestlemania 33.

Add to these the upcoming premiere of Cena’s big military thriller The Wall, which is in theaters on May 12, and it looks like 40 and beyond will be anything but a downhill run for the Massachusetts-born powerhouse.

He’ll have a damn happy birthday hanging with Nikki Bella regardless. His birthday bro William Shakespeare would be jealous.

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