Jordan Peele Quit Acting After Being Offered the Role of Poop in ‘The Emoji Movie’

In January, Jordan Peele announced his decision to quit acting so he could focus on directing.

Many fans of Key and Peele were upset to learn that Peele was going to retire as a thespian, but they still carry hopes that the director will change his mind at some point in the near future.


As nicely as He’s a serious auteur now! rolls off the tongue while discussing Jordan Peele’s reasons for his acting retirement, the truth, like the continued domination of emoji over the written word in our digital landscape, is a lot sadder. Because in the end, his final decision boiled down to that flaming dumpster fire of a “comedy” film, The Emoji Movie.

While accepting the First-Time Director honors at the DGA Awards for his solo debut “Get Out”, Peele explained, “The Emoji Movie actually helped me quit acting, I was offered the role of Poop.”

The next day, after knowing that they’ve already given the role to Sir Patrick Stewart, he was like “Fuck this.”

Peele told the story after host Judd Apatow’s monologue included the anecdote: “When you have women directors you get Lady Bird, Mudbound, and Wonder Woman. When you have male directors you get _The Emoji Movie, _with a character who is a literal piece of shit.”

In all fairness, the Emoji Movie has gone up to a 6 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning that a few people actually enjoyed the movie, which is pretty miraculous. The movie also led to T.J. Miller leaving HBO’s Silicon Valley, a decision that seems to be working out pretty well for the comic.


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