Justin Bieber’s concert ended but this blog will make you question many things. A MUST READ.


Sonal Jamkhedkar

Welcome, Mr.Justin Beiber, Namaste! Good to have you around! Once, let me gyrate to the pulse as you’re busy enthralling the Beliebers, swooning to your chart topping tracks & heart throbbing music! Gladly, we’d better admit going bonkers over You, complying with your brusque demands. And why not? We love You to the extent of having almost shelled out everything on a platter…Just For You, Justin! Ain’t it ?

The privilege of being a hands-on Belieber comes to You, only when you get connected to JB’s comfort circuit must haves, simply to bring him onboard. And that includes :

* [email protected] St.Regis Hotel, Lower Parel -Two supersegment plush suites
* Interiors furnished & redone in ancient Indian ethnic folk theme
* Lunchware designed in silver & gold hemlines on dishes in exquisite Ancient Indian Dynasty themes
* Rolls Royce
* 2 Volvo buses
* Helipad for the Personal chopper flown in from his country &
* Cars for 120 Entourage (brand & numbers unspecified)
* Z+ security
* 1000 + personal security guards
* A High Key body guard grabbed out of hit & run celebrity closet( guess ,who?!)
* 500 stadium patrolling police personnel
* 100 volunteers
* Elaborate security, emergency, disaster management & traffic flow arrangements
* Combing operation for potential threats & menacing visitors
* CCTV & drones
* Five Dozen more security guards to help Entourage of his 120 crew
* DY Patil Stadium sectionalized & stuffed with sniffer dogs & Bomb squads

Woah, still out of breath mentioning the leftovers…

Gasp, gimme some water, honey! Just plain water should do.What? Did You just hear ‘Evian?’ Wrong.

A JB hangover or a Brand obsession can prove quite efficient to tag you along in its own world of illusions.Ya neva kno!

Well, it isn’t that we can’t afford You, Justin! We just did, even for a mere 15 mins act.

The ‘POINT’ is that …

Suddenly, all security & high treatment comes to the rescue of ppl like You.It isn’t entirely Your fault, though! You’re a celebrity in your own right to throw your weight around & call these legitimate wants ,even though most in the checklist might be a facade, so to say.

There’s no denying giving you what you deserve to keep your morale rock solid & booming high.We’d happily even lick the dirt off your feet ,if you just cringed.Just so we could pacify your cribs. Let aside the finicky & choosy portion of needs & wants.

The most pinching of all is : SECURITY! #TheCommonManSafety ? Where’s the Focus here, my love?
Sure, agreed there are gate-crashing maniacs, spectators going beserk ,crowd on the loose, Beliebers on the prowl to get up close with You & the star struck selfie bunnies.You do need a cover & we adhere to all of the SOPs in keeping your concert from landing in troubled waters.
Now ,again the question – And it’s a burning urge to unravel –

* Where are all these cops when a girl crosses her way late from work at night?
Or a party, late evening?

* Where was the police battalion when the Nirbhaya catastrophe brutally dumped her in a vegetative state?

She lost her Big Life battling the pervert scavengers. Huge Loss to her family.She could’ve been salvaged in the nick of time, had there been vigilant patrolling .Or still, would you hold her morally responsible for her choices or not travelling in a ‘safe’ time zone, or inability to determine the company of perilous co-passengers? Or the Rohtak case victim ,who died a gruesome death as the culprits surpassed,even the former case in brutality.How do you console her family? How will they pickup the shattered pieces of their life & dreams, from such a comatic blow?

The bottomline IS : there’s hardly any patrolling, nor cops,nor surveillance jeeps at most of the umpteen lanes or crossroads to even give you that edge of safety. Are they so stressed out or scarce – all for want of VIP Lounge cordon offs?

Can’t they work in shifts to make women feel safe? Nah! Even if they do ,ever, they ensure they load their wallets brick heavy, minting petty bribes for rash driving or signal overthrows .Need women feel safe when they’re around? Good question! The sight of them appals. A woman having to meet their eyes gets the jitters that of a prey to their bestial depravity or a chicken ready to be diced by it’s prying butcher.Sick! Alternatives do exist – mention Self defense? Good you asked! How long does it last?? Is everyone a Tae-Kwon-do alumni or a Bruce Lee academy diploma holder? Can Martial arts give you 3D infrared vision & equipment to tell you ,who’s gonna approach from which side & how many vs.You, can a soul bump off? Do peppersprays really ward off an ambush from a pack of hungry loathsome ba*#**@s?

Ironically,even those toll free helplines & emergency numbers are a sham at the time,You need them the most.God be the Savior.

* Or again – Where are these designated policemen/ border security beefers/their higher ups/the ministry when the radicals resort to baseless violence & stone pelting? Had they been so ignorant that they failed to protect the life of a young Lt.fighting against the terror inspired P.o.K? He is now Late Lt.Fayaz. Mind You. And life at stake even for rest of the jawans ??? Huge loss to the Nation & family .

* A Crime, A rape, A murder, An abduction, undetected bomb explosions, claiming innocent lives & horrid bloodshed in broad daylight??? Remember 26/11 ? Or the serial train blasts?

* A senior citizen on street ,helpless, unarmed & physically weak owing to age.And out of the blue attacked by robbers, goons, henchmen or an angry mob.

I bet You took it that personal! But it isn’t just about You darling! It’s way beyond!
You have a starry air.The fuss isn’t about that.Neither the brouhaha, nor the outrage! As epic as it sounds, Indian policing itself is a dilemma.And You won’t understand.

Everyone might not have heavy budget dreams like You.But they surely need bigger, better conditions for a safe,secure & healthy survival. EVEN Ordinary people , citizens have a right to live, co exist, cherish life ,live decent & be respected.Period.I’m trying to draw this to attention.

Oh My, You had your fair share so early.And in far unimaginable ventures or list of wants!

India is not only culture rich but also heavily ‘Rich fascinated!!! You ooze moolah, Poof! the ‘Cover’ is handcrafted for You, be you a victim or a culprit or a preventive security freak.While the common man shuttles in a peninsula of ethics, restrictions & the safety parameter seam.Symbiosis,down the drain #unfiltered. Pun intended

Hell,wtf!!! Chuck it for Now.When such an awe of a concert awaits! Why even bother,silly? JB, c’mon… Won’t you sing to me my fav tracks , sweetheart ? #Baby #Sorry #Whereareyounow?#Boyfriend. I have a list rolled out, wondering if you’re put up for good span of time tongue emoticon

Lucky to have You here! Or is it the other way round?!! Don’t know for sure,ha! “Oh, the grand young dude of York – he had ten thousand Men .He marched them up in his haughty might & he marched them down again! And when they were up,you lip sync-ed up.And when they were down ,you threw your gum around.And when they were only half way up,You could neither sing nor bounce!!!! Alas. Built you a castle for getting just a lip sync from you ,that you didn’t even care to keep up to its standard! And you kept chewing that wad of gum, giving onlookers an unworthy scourge.We were dying to get pissed off.That too ,on one fine day like this!

Hey, just didn’t even bat my eyelid.And You’re gone in a jiffy? Your choppers do you real fast good. My bad! Happy Journey & let us know when You’re back again…Live & kicking, so we know where & what to run for.After all,you give us major life running goals, if not , definitely a run for our money! Sly, ahem

And nonetheless, back home in India, that’s what we exactly do – Go love ourselves! May the Nation go to dogs…’Just-in’ case, U wanna know! wink emoticon

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