Katy Perry rocks Nude swimwear in Cabo


Katy Perry turned even more heads than usual by hitting a Mexican beach BUCK NAKED … or so it seemed.

She’s never been one to shy away from daring fashion choices.

And Katy Perry took her love for racy ensembles to the next level as she dared to bare just a little too much while holidaying in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico on Tuesday.

The Roar singer 32, put her incredible physique on display in a sheer nude swimsuit that did little to cover her modesty asides from including an all-in-one in a similar shade underneath.

Katy’s down in Cabo San Lucas with a bunch of friends, and she’s providing all the entertainment by spinning around while rocking this ballerina-style swimwear … with nude colored bottoms.

Yeah, we had to do a double take too.

Katy’s been handing out cherry pies to fans all over the place to promote her new single, “Bon Appetit.” Just a thought, but cherry pies with this swimsuit?

That’s a win-win promotion, baby.

Look at the Diva’s photos:


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