Did You Know That The Shape Of Your Ears Says A Lot About Your Personality?


Everybody has a different personality and there are different kinds of traits that reveal the kind of personality we have. It also includes physical attributes of a person like the shape of ears, the color of eyes etc. This article introduces to the kind of personality you have on the basis of the shape of your ears.

There are a number of shapes that exist when it comes to ears despite the fact that they all look the same. You will learn about all of them in this article.

1. Attached Lobe

This is one of the most common types of ear shapes that is found in people. You get to see this kind of ear shape in every other human. This shape of ear indicates to the extreme personality traits of a person. One characteristic of his personality would be opposite from the other. People with this kind of ear shape are supposed to be kind in nature, sweet at heart and very humble in behavior.

On the other hand, they would be impulsive, empathetic and the one who works on their instincts, plus they would really be reserved and shy in nature.


2. Broad Lobe

People with broad lobes are very fun loving, outgoing with the coolest kind of personality. Their mind is as free as a child. They are very stressfree and humorous in nature. This kind of people are the best ones to surround yourself with. You will always find them cracking jokes and laughing harder than anyone else in the room.

If you have this kind of ear shape then you are probably the one who enjoys its own world than the outer one and the one who is far away from taking any sort of stress. You are always happy and tries to keeping everyone happy around you.


3. Narrow Ear

People with this kind of ears are usually introverts. They don’t speak often in public places and keeps their opinions to themselves. They are afraid to speak their mind in front of people, but these are the ones who tend to have a very strong opinion on anything. People with this kind of ear shape is not outspoken but they are very intelligent with good sense of awareness.


4. Pointed Ear

This kind of ears is found in people who are very clever and witty in nature. They are the most aware and alerted to their situation than anyone else. They are smart, intelligent with extraordinary observational skills. People with these ear shapes notice things better and are careful of their surrounding.

5. Round Lobe

People with round lobe ear are very loyal, trustable and helpful in nature. Their personality reflects their generous behavior. They are the ones whom everybody likes. They try to be always there for the one in need. They are highly dedicated to the people around them.

People with this kind of ears are the ones who make this world a nice place to live. They are very reliable.


6. Square Ear

People with square-shaped ears are really creative in nature with extraordinary vision. They have the ability to look at things differently with an artistic perceptive. They are the artists with a great sense of imagination.

They are also very hardworking in nature. If they take one task in hand they would do absolutely everything to do it with perfection. Their biggest fear is to disappoint people.


7. Sticking out

People with their ears sticking out can be explained in one word, Crazy! They are the ones who are very unpredictable, weird and different from everyone else. They are unique and thinks out of the box. They have a hard time convincing people what is really going on in their heads.

Their unpredictability makes them stand out from the crowd. These people can be spotted from a mile away because of their craziness.

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