Know: Who is this woman and why people in London are Freaking Out

A good advert can capture our attention and stick with us. For radio, they reckon for every one-pound spent, there’s an eight-pound boost to a company’s finance.

 Clear Channel Direct, a bus-stop advertising specialist, have 35,000 panels receiving 212 million views across the UK every fortnight.

So, with a good advert, you’ve got a captive audience. However, one advert in London is creeping out the residents, tourists and commuters.

We all know Trivago – the hotel search engine which finds you the best deals.

Their adverts on TV have been fronted by a lovely brown-haired Australian woman who tells us how simple it is to type, click and select to get the cheapest rate on a hotel room.

However, it would seem that the advertising agency has gone overboard on their spending, and have literally bombarded Londoners with her face.

She’s everywhere.

In fact, she so common on the London Underground that you can’t walk two yards without seeing her face – and she’s started to scare people.

One twitter user, Vincent, wrote: “The Trivago woman is everywhere. Staring into the very fabric of your soul.”

Another, Shaun Kitchener, added: “Honestly if God is real, he’s gonna have a hard time being more omnipresent in London than the Trivago woman.”

Jason Sinclair said: “If an alien landed in London they’d think the Trivago woman runs things.”

The ‘Trivago Woman’ is an Australian performance artist called Gabrielle Miller.

 When she got the job, she was happy to prove the bosses wrong about her reach. Speaking to the company’s website, she said: “I’m really happy about it because in the first stages of the audition, they were like, ‘we think you’d definitely work for Australia, but we don’t know about the UK’ – so I’m glad it’s being well received.

Gabrielle may be freaking out the British capital, but her family can’t get enough of her.

She added: “My grandparents are glued to the television now. When I come on my grandma calls all of her friends, she is proud. My family and friends are very happy for me.”

Don’t think you’ll recognise her in the street though, Gabrielle admits she likes to dress ‘a bit more dishevelled or crazily’. The Trivago woman side of her is the one, she states, you’d ‘take home to your mother’.

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