This Pretty Lady, Oksana Neveselaya from Belarus is considered as World’s Hottest Teacher


Math isn’t always the easiest subject, but have Oksana Neveselaya as your teacher and it just got harder (zing). Oksana is a math teacher from Minsk, Belarus. A video taken by a student was uploaded to youtube (video below) and it quickly grabbed the attention of the internet. She is now being dubbed ‘the world’s hottest math teacher’ and I’m not arguing.

Some pictures from her Instagram account which will leave you spell bound for sure:



The teacher believes that ‘sensuality and intelligence go hand-in-hand’ and her photos and selfies on the internet leave no stone unturned to prove how hot and sexy she is.



She is currently travelling to Malaysia, and her breathtaking selfies on the social media have got her a lot of attention.







She is not just a pretty face, but with brains as well.

Beauty and brains together is no doubt the deadliest combination ever.

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