A look into the The Secret Life Of Kim Jong-Un’s Wife


The life of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un’s family is as secretive as the Hermit Kingdom itself. The nation is the most secretive and closed country in the world where few have been to and even fewer think of visiting.

The international media keeps a close eye on the dictator. Although Kim Jong-Un is seen smiling and applauding at several events, his better half is seldom seen in the photographs. So who is she? Here is what you need to know about the wife of Kim Jong-Un:

Ri Sol-ju is the First Lady of North Korea. She is officially identified as his Comrade and is often seen seated next to him at state functions.

Ri Sol-ju’s date of birth remains unknown. Although it is believed that she studied singing in China and comes from an elite family – her father was a professor and mother, a doctor.

Ri and Kim have three children together. South Korean intelligence said that she was pressured to have another child in a hope that it would be a son who could continue the family legacy.

Although Ri is often seen in public, there was a brief period where she had disappeared from the public eye. She was also seen heavily pregnant while attending the funeral of Kim Jong-il.
The most detailed account of the dictator’s life comes from Dennis Rodman, a NBA player and a “dear friend” of Kim Jong-Un. He said that the couple has three children, including a recently born baby girl named Ju-ae.

Ri has a taste for fashion. She is always seen in pastel-colored, well-tailored dresses and possesses several luxury brands.

Their marriage was a secret affair and did not come as a surprise to the public. Some reports said that the couple married in 2009 and had a baby in 2010 while some believed that they did not meet till a classical concert in 2010.

So while the world has its lens on the North Korean nuclear tests, Kim keeps a secret that every international spy agency is equally interested in.

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